Welcome to Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch    

  We are a working cattle ranch and raise and sell Registered Texas Longhorns. We invite you to visit us here at Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch located in Central Texas, near Fayetteville.  We have Longhorn cattle for sale at all times.  
  We have been in the business for over10 years and our goal is to
raise superior Texas Longhorns cattle. We like a total package cow. Our senior herd sire, One Star Command (Starbase Commander x FCF Freedom Rings) has been doing a fabulous job for us. He is a multiple Longhorn Show Case Champion.He is AI certified and he is CSS Certified for International shipment of semen and embryos.  He has several heifers on the show circuit doing well.  He produces a lot of horn. We have two other bulls we use and they are LT Rio Grande 103 (JP Rio Grande x ECR Little Tari), and Eclaire's Commander (Starbase Commander x ECR Julio's Eclaire). All three bulls are AI Certified  with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association. Each bull has semen for sale.One Star has heifer sexed semen as well as conventional semen. We also utilize embryo transfer and Artificial Insemination to impact our herd so we have a wide variety of great longhorn bloodlines to choose from. 
     We are in the business of raising and selling Registered Texas Longhorn cattle. Whether you are a serious breeder, on the show circuit or a just want some pretty longhorns to enjoy we can find the right longhorn for you.   
  We welcome visitors to our ranch anytime. Thank you for visiting our website, if you see something you like give us a call or email. Come by and lets ride around and look at some beautiful Longhorn cattle.

Happy Trails,
Bill and Suzanne Torkildsen

        If it's not a longhorn it's just a cow!


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