Welcome to Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch    
  Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch is a full time working ranch where we raise Registered Texas Longhorn cattle.  We invite you to visit our ranch any time.  Bill and I have been raising Longhorn cattle since 2004. Due to limited space on our website we are just showing some of our animals. We generally have over 120 at all times to choose from in all price ranges. 
   There are many great traits of a Texas Longhorns. They are gentle, friendly, curious, and a very quiet natured breed of cattle. Longhorns are low maintenance, temperature and insect tolerant, and highly disease resistant. Another huge attribute is birthing ease and have a long breeding life. Many ranchers of commercial cattle use a Longhorn bull on their first calf heifers because of their calving ease. These cows will raise a calf into their 20's. We have never lost a cow or calf to birthing problems.They are extremely rugged cattle. We have a few amazing stories to prove this point.    
    We utilize mostly Natural breeding, but also Artificial Insemination in order to get the new pedigrees here at Bull Creek Longhorns
     We always have a variety of cattle for sale. If you are looking for a pregnant cow, heifer, bull or steer, we can find the right one for you. Starter packages can be arranged. Discounts for multiple purchase. We guarantee our cows to be healthy and fertile.     
     We welcome visitors to our ranch anytime. Please call or email to make arrangements. We are located in  Fayetteville, Texas between Austin and Houston off of Highway 71.
Bill and Suzanne Torkildsen
                                    If it's not a Longhorn it's just a cow!


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