Welcome to Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch

 Bull Creek Longhorns is located in Fayetteville Texas, between Austin and Houston Texas not far off of Highway 71. We have been raising and selling Registered Texas Longhorn cattle since 2004.  

We were honored to be voted Breeder of the Year award with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association 2019 and also Breeder of the Year at the Legends sale 2023.  We were pleasantly surprised and honored recently at the Spring Classic Longhorn sale in Duncan and awarded the Bob Loomis Award 2024 Milestone - Breed Improvement Award.

Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch breeds only Registered Longhorn cattle. 

Our Herd Sires are a vital part of our breeding program.
 Each bulls genetics count for 1/2 of each calf born on the ranch. We strive especially for strong maternal genetics with correct conformation, good udder and good feet, nicely shaped heads and small ears. Color is great but not at the very top of our list. With all the color in the world and an animal has crooked legs and poor conformation, it's not what we would want for a breeding animal. It would quality for the freezer though. 

As a rule Longhorns are gentle, friendly, curious, and naturally a very quiet natured breed of cattle.  A huge attribute is birthing ease, a long breeding life, as well as heat and cold tolerance.

Our Longhorn cattle always stay current on vaccinations and worming.

Delivery may be an option depending on distance and our current schedule or we can recommend several very reliable Longhorn haulers that go nationwide. 

We enjoy spending time with seasoned and new breeders. Please come visit with us.  Call or email for an appointment. sktorkildsen@gmail.com or call  979-702-2646.  We would love to work with you to add to your current herd or assist in starting a new herd of Longhorn cattle. 

We are a RAU Immobilizer dealer. We have been using this device on our Longhorns since 2005.  A safe and effective way to restrain cattle for many different procedures. Our veterinarian appreciates this device. Keeps you and the cattle safe with absolutely no harm or ill effects to the animal. We use it for tagging ears, working on eyes, shots in neck where horns can be thrown, hoof or leg work and any procedure that requires a cow to be safely restrained. (No different than when a Vet gets semen from a bull for BSE basically, only this is gentler).  It has paid for itself over and over again, its cheaper than one visit to the ER. As I am often working alone I can use this and accomplish procedures safely and efficiently. Feel free to contact me about this product if you are interested. 979-702-2646. Please leave a message if I cannot answer.

Happy Trails!!

Bill and Suzanne Torkildsen
Owners Bull Creek Longhorns

If it's not a Longhorn it's just a cow!!