Welcome to Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch

 Bull Creek Longhorns is a working cattle ranch where we raises and sell only Registered Texas Longhorn cattle. We have been raising Longhorns since 2004. 

  We live on our ranch and are with our Longhorn cattle everyday which keeps them quiet and gentle. We begin handling them as young as 30 days old by going through the specialized Longhorn Chute for de worming and vaccinations.  By the time they are a year they will have been through 5-6 times.
  We use 3 different resources to drive genetic improvement. Primarily natural breeding, rotating 7-8 bulls annually. Secondly, we utilize Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization as a means to bring exciting new genetics to enhance our Longhorn herd.  It is worth noting that your bull is 50% of your herd and a extremely important choice.  Anything we breed that is not meet our criteria of becoming a herd sire will become a steer. Sometimes it takes a year of more to make that determination but generally it is evident at a young age. 

  There are many great traits of Texas Longhorn cattle. They are gentle, friendly, curious, and naturally a very quiet natured breed of cattle. Longhorn cattle are relatively low maintenance. They are very tough, strong cattle.  Another huge attribute is birthing ease, and a long breeding life that can reach into their 20's. Texas Longhorns are a pretty amazing breed of cattle. We do not recommend making pets out of Longhorns however. 

   If you see a Longhorn you are interested in and she is not listed for sale, check with us, he or she may be available, not all of our cattle are on the website. We offer packages at discounted prices for 2 or more Longhorn cattle purchased. 

 Our Longhorns are current on all vaccinations and deworming.  

 Visitors always welcome to visit Bull Creek Ranch. Call or email for an appointment. sktorkildsen@gmail.com or call  956-793-5484. We would love to work with you to add to or assist in starting a herd of Longhorns cattle. 

Bill and Suzanne Torkildsen
Owners Bull Creek Longhorns

If it's not a Longhorn it's just a cow!!