Welcome to Bull Creek Longhorn Ranch

 Bull Creek Longhorn ranch raises and sells Registered Texas Longhorn cattle since 2004. We live on our ranch and are with our Longhorn cattle everyday which keeps them gentle, easy to work and be around. We raise foundation Longhorn cows, bulls and replacement heifers, from a variety of well known, quality and proven livestock throughout the Registered Texas Longhorn cattle industry. Growing a superior herd of Longhorns is a long term project. 

Each Registered Texas Longhorn we purchase, raise or breed are individually decided on with focus on building a unique herd of Longhorns that will contribute to a great new generation of cattle in the Longhorn industry. We use many resources to drive genetic improvement. Our primary goal is to produce a Longhorn cow that will have a baby every year, has structural correctness with smooth attractive feminine bodies,  pretty faces, great milking ability, "long horns" with variety of shapes,  wide array of color and the ability to maintain weight on natures grasses. Our focus on bulls is fertility, structural correctness, horn, color, size and a gentle quiet nature. A bull that looks like a bull at birth is very important to us as well as feminine heifers. 

There are many great traits of Texas Longhorn cattle. They are gentle, friendly, curious, and a very quiet natured breed of cattle. Longhorn cattle are relatively low maintenance cattle, temperature and insect tolerant, and fairly disease resistant. Another huge attribute is birthing ease. We have never had to pull a Longhorn calf. They have a long breeding life that can reach into their early 20's.

 We utilize mostly natural breeding and rotate approximately 4-6 different bulls annually.  Artificial Insemination and is a means to to get exciting new pedigrees introduced into our Longhorn herd. We use some in vitro fertilization on some of our select Longhorn cows. 

2019 has given us some very nice young bulls with outstanding pedigrees and outcross genetics. They will be for sale in 2020. 

Due to limited space on our website we are just showing some of our Longhorn cattle. Please let us know what you are looking for if you do not see it here. We often offer packages at discounted prices or can put together your hand picked packages. We guarantee our Longhorn cattle to be healthy and fertile.

Visitors always welcome to visit Bull Creek Longhorns. Call or email for an appointment. sktorkildsen@gmail.com or call  956-793-5484.

Happy Trails,

Bill and Suzanne Torkildsen

If it's not a Longhorn it's just a cow!! 

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